Five Nights At Freddy’s

Five Nights At Freddy’s is a game about animatronics coming to life at night and trying to stuff you in a suite… I know that sounds brutal, but it’s a very fun game! There are 5 characters in the first game. Chica the Chicken: She is a yellow chicken that wears a bib that says “Let’s Eat!”. Foxy the Pirate Fox: He is a red fox with tears in his chest. He has a hook on his right hand and an eyepatch on his right eye. Bonnie the Bunny: He is a purple bunny with a creepy grin. Freddy the Bear: He is a brown bear with a top hat, bow tie, and a microphone. And last, Golden Freddy: He looks just like Freddy but he is golden. He has tears in his fur and wires sticking out of his arms and feet and head. #FNAF #FreddyFever   



Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday… Do any of you guys know what Palm Sunday is? Well… Jesus came to Jerusalem riding on a donkey (people thought it was going to be a horse… But they didn’t care!). People were waiting for him in a HUGE line to see him. They waved palm leaves in the air and shouted “Hosanna… Hosanna to the King!” They were so happy to see their Lord and Savior come to their town. Days after… Judah (one of Jesus’s disciples) betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. He was hung on a cross and died for our sins so we could see him in Heaven some day. And that, my friends… Is what Palm Sunday is ALL about! #hosanna #palmsunday #KingofKings  


Chatam The Charming

This is Chatam, she is the newest member of our Purple Pineapple Possy! She is a King Charles Spaniel! So far… Her personalities are playful, inquisitive, loving, family oriented, and curious! She loves to play with Jack and tease Moya… But Moya doesn’t really care. It is a blessing to have her join our family and we are super happy that she loves us back! Her WHOLE litter were girls… But one died… She was the smallest and most playful one… So we picked her! Her favorite stuffed animal is a squeaky dragon! She chews a lot of stuff too… She chews my toes, my ears, socks, tags, toys, tails, iPhone cases, and etc. I hope you liked meeting Chatam! #puppyinthehouse #puppylove #kingcharlesspaniel  


Mean Girls Are Gonna Be Mean…

Have you ever experienced mean girls at school before? Well… I do all the time! They are the predators of the kid world. “Why are Mean Girls so mean?” you might ask… Well… I’m not sure. But someone once told me… “Being mean is easier then being nice… So even though being nice, kind, and generous is hard… Do it anyway… It will get you far in the future!” My mean girls will try to make you so sad that you just want to quit school… But I choose to believe that they can’t drag me down! They have even tried to take one of my BEST friends away from me… But that won’t happen! They will never crush my spirits… No matter how hard they try! #endbullying #pickkindness  


My Ultimate Book Series 

My FAVORITE book series would have to be Warrior Cats! I love all the suspense and intensity in the book! Like when Firestar looses his first life from Bloodclan’s leader, Scourge! And I like all the description and detail in the books also! Ecspecially when the author states where the setting is. And my favorite character would have to be… Squirrelflight! She is very brave and she will stand up for what’s right! She is stubborn but smart, and I love how Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight fall in love! I hope you like my little book review! #warriorcats #squirrelflight #readingrocks   



The Joyful Jack

   My dog Jack is a mini Australian Sheperd. And you know what Sheperd dogs do… They herd! And I mean herd EVERYTHING!!! He herds bikes, scooters, cars, people, animals, ect. And Jack also likes being heard… He barks… ALOT! And once… He got ran over on accident by my aunt’s car! But he’s ok… He just had a dislocated leg. He is also very loving! He will lick you a lot and he will jump on you so he can get pet by you. But his breathe REEKS! It smells like a garbage had a baby with a dieing cow! But anywho… Jack is a fun loving dog, and I hope you liked meeting him! 

Moya the Mischievous!

My cat Moya is a very mischievous cat! She HATES being petted and touched yet, she loves being by people. She is very independent… Like me! She will wake you up at midnight to come in you’re room and once you fall asleep again… She’ll meow to get out! And the most funniest thing that she does is she will try to get inside the hair cabinet! And we will put bows and stuff in her fur! I hope you like Moya! 🙂


Wolves Make The World go Round!

Wolves are very magnificent creatures! They care for each other in their pack and they will fight for whats right! They will stay with their mates for life ( which most animals don’t )! The prey they eat is deer, moose, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and ducks.

They are also playful creatures! When they are bored, they will play-fight with other members of the pack. Even though people think that wolves are horrible, dangerous beasts, they are all wrong! Wolves are actually very shy of humans… They will only attack you if you’re threatening them or their pack members. The sad part of a wolves life is they also like to eat livestock… so they will go into farms and attack them. But what they don’t know is a mad farmer is standing right behind them with a gun locked and loaded. I made this little essay so people can help  save wolves around the World! They are starting to go extinct… So i hope you will join me and Save The Wolves! #savethewolves


Welcome to The Purple Pineapple!

Welcome to The Purple Pineapple! I am the princess of this Blog! I made this blog so i can express my personalities, likes, and dislikes to the world. Diversity is the key to success, so let go of the status-quo and be yourself! Don’t let people drag you down… If they do, get back up and try, try again! I will post weekly so stay tooned to all the adventure stored!                                                                                       purple pineapple