Warrior Cats Meet Aristocats

Warrior cats are wild cats who live in the wild… And Arictocats are cats that live with fancy people… What would happen if they met? The leader of one of the cat clans would probably would make fun of them because they are kittypets and the Aristocats will make fun of the way they live in the forest. 


Aristocat: What are YOU doing on our property!? You smell like you had a mud bath! Ick!

Warrior: I’m sorry… KITTYPET! At least I’m free and wild unlike you! (Growls) 

Aristocat: Ugh! Get off… Or I’ll call my butler! He will kick you PEASENTS out of my land! (Meows then licks her paw)

Warrior: In the wild, we get to do anything we want without Twolegs bossing us around! We eat Mice… You eat Rabbit Droppings! (Hisses in disgust)

Aristocat: For your information, those “Rabbit Droppings” are actually DELICIOUS! My butler puts dried chicken on top of it! It’s MAGNIFIQUE! 

Warrior: Whatever… You mouse brain! I’m leaving! (Hisses goodbye)  



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