Pokémon-Throwback Thursday

Do you remember if you were in elementary school 6 years ago? Well I do! The thing I most remembered was… POKÉMON CARDS!!! I remember having 30 cards and TONS of kids would sit in a circle and trade their cards or fight their cards. I never fought them because sometimes you could get them taken (which I thought was stupid) so I would just trade. All of my friends had them. Girls… Boys… Dogs… Just kidding… Dogs don’t have thumbs… But if they did, they would TOTALLY play with Pokémon cards! One of my favorite Pokémon would probably be a a porkiepine/hedgehog type Pokémon. I actually have a figure of that Pokémon! But like I was saying… Pokémon was the big play toy back then and I hope people still have them! #pokémon #ThrowbackThursday #goodoledays  



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