Easter Fashion Show

Yesterday I found some old, but stylish, American Girl Doll clothing… And sense I have a small dog (Chatam), I decided to have a little Fashion Show outside! All of her outfits are PERFECT for spring! It took a LONG time  to get the perfect pictures (because she’s a puppy… So they won’t hold still!) but finally I got them… And they look FABULOUS! And I am thinking for Chatams 1 Birthday, I will buy her some new CLOTHES! I hope you liked our Fahsion Show and I hope you have a Happy Eatser! #canineinclothing #prettypuppy #springcuteness   



5 thoughts on “Easter Fashion Show

  1. Cute! It also gives me some help. I made a doll outfit, but don’t have an American Girl Doll, looking at your dog, give me perspective that the outfit will definitely fit that doll. Thanks!

  2. Oh my gosh, how adorable! A puppy photo shoot, I love the idea. Great pictures. I think Chatham has a career as a puppy model lining up for her!!

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