Ultimate Dragon Simulator-App Reveiw

Today I am going to do an App Reveiw about Ultimate Dragon Simulator! Ultimate Dragon Simulator is a game where you can play as a DRAGON! You can find a mate in the wild and start a family with him/her and you can customize your dragon with different colors, add on’s, and armor! You can also attack animals and villagers! And you can have different kinds of power… Fire, Ice, or Storm! You can burn down buildings and fencing with your powers! There are AWESOME boss battles, too! You can fight a fire bird, a giant rock monster, a bone dragon, and 2 rock men that guard the inside of the castle! There are 4 different areas to explore! Volcanoes Island, Sky Island, The Tundra, and The Plains! There are great graphics and the creator is called Gluten Free Games! I rate it 4 star’s and I hope you like this game, too! #UltimateDragonSimulator #bossbattles #explore   





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