Wolves Make The World go Round!

Wolves are very magnificent creatures! They care for each other in their pack and they will fight for whats right! They will stay with their mates for life ( which most animals don’t )! The prey they eat is deer, moose, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and ducks.

They are also playful creatures! When they are bored, they will play-fight with other members of the pack. Even though people think that wolves are horrible, dangerous beasts, they are all wrong! Wolves are actually very shy of humans… They will only attack you if you’re threatening them or their pack members. The sad part of a wolves life is they also like to eat livestock… so they will go into farms and attack them. But what they don’t know is a mad farmer is standing right behind them with a gun locked and loaded. I made this little essay so people can help  save wolves around the World! They are starting to go extinct… So i hope you will join me and Save The Wolves! #savethewolves  https://www.worldwildlife.org



3 thoughts on “Wolves Make The World go Round!

  1. I used to love wolves when I was a little girl. Had a few nightmares about them too, but that never stopped my fascination. Cute, mysterious, iconic, fluffy… what more could you want in an animal?

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