Zoo Trip

Zoos are remarkable things to be at. You get to see animals that you could never see in the wild. Like… Comodo Dragons,  wild birds, cheetahs, wolves, ect. They are marvelous creatures! I am blessed and happy that people have zoos! They don’t just show animals… They care for them too! If there is a baby koala who’s mom died… They will take it in and nurture it back to health. I went on a little zoo trip and I saw some AMAZING animals! I saw Cows with 3 FOOT LONG HORNS, hungry Meerkats,  ferocious Painted Wild Dogs, and lazy Lizards! #zootrip #zoofun #amazinganimals     




Moya The Dog

Moya (my Siberian Russian cat) acts like a dog sometimes… Do u know why? She chews on bones, she’s really fast, she meows for attention, she likes you to pet her back, and ect. She’s also like a human… (Me). Sometimes she likes being alone and sometimes she just wants to hang out! #MoyaTheDog #crazycat #catdog  


Pokémon-Throwback Thursday

Do you remember if you were in elementary school 6 years ago? Well I do! The thing I most remembered was… POKÉMON CARDS!!! I remember having 30 cards and TONS of kids would sit in a circle and trade their cards or fight their cards. I never fought them because sometimes you could get them taken (which I thought was stupid) so I would just trade. All of my friends had them. Girls… Boys… Dogs… Just kidding… Dogs don’t have thumbs… But if they did, they would TOTALLY play with Pokémon cards! One of my favorite Pokémon would probably be a a porkiepine/hedgehog type Pokémon. I actually have a figure of that Pokémon! But like I was saying… Pokémon was the big play toy back then and I hope people still have them! #pokémon #ThrowbackThursday #goodoledays  


Warrior Cats Meet Aristocats

Warrior cats are wild cats who live in the wild… And Arictocats are cats that live with fancy people… What would happen if they met? The leader of one of the cat clans would probably would make fun of them because they are kittypets and the Aristocats will make fun of the way they live in the forest. 


Aristocat: What are YOU doing on our property!? You smell like you had a mud bath! Ick!

Warrior: I’m sorry… KITTYPET! At least I’m free and wild unlike you! (Growls) 

Aristocat: Ugh! Get off… Or I’ll call my butler! He will kick you PEASENTS out of my land! (Meows then licks her paw)

Warrior: In the wild, we get to do anything we want without Twolegs bossing us around! We eat Mice… You eat Rabbit Droppings! (Hisses in disgust)

Aristocat: For your information, those “Rabbit Droppings” are actually DELICIOUS! My butler puts dried chicken on top of it! It’s MAGNIFIQUE! 

Warrior: Whatever… You mouse brain! I’m leaving! (Hisses goodbye)  


Bath Time

Little Chatam was rolling in dirt… And you know what that means… BATH TIME! We used Blue Malva by Aveda for the shampoo and Volume for conditioner. She would slip and slide all over the sink! She would sneeze if soap got in her nose and she would whine if she fell in the sink. She would always try to escape but Joey matter how hard she tried… She would fall back inside the sink! #bathtime #mudbath #slipandslide  


Mosaic Night Lights

I have made mosaic night lights! If you don’t know what I’m talking about… I’ll tell ya. Mosaic Night Lights are shattered peices of glass all put together in a pretty picture. I decided to make my design a tree in nature! I love nature and living organisms so I loved the thought! After the glueing and designing, I had to pave it. The design studio I made it at is called Black Door Design, so if you could look them up online and subscribe to them, that would be great! #glass #design #amazingart  


Easter Fashion Show

Yesterday I found some old, but stylish, American Girl Doll clothing… And sense I have a small dog (Chatam), I decided to have a little Fashion Show outside! All of her outfits are PERFECT for spring! It took a LONG time  to get the perfect pictures (because she’s a puppy… So they won’t hold still!) but finally I got them… And they look FABULOUS! And I am thinking for Chatams 1 Birthday, I will buy her some new CLOTHES! I hope you liked our Fahsion Show and I hope you have a Happy Eatser! #canineinclothing #prettypuppy #springcuteness   


Ultimate Dragon Simulator-App Reveiw

Today I am going to do an App Reveiw about Ultimate Dragon Simulator! Ultimate Dragon Simulator is a game where you can play as a DRAGON! You can find a mate in the wild and start a family with him/her and you can customize your dragon with different colors, add on’s, and armor! You can also attack animals and villagers! And you can have different kinds of power… Fire, Ice, or Storm! You can burn down buildings and fencing with your powers! There are AWESOME boss battles, too! You can fight a fire bird, a giant rock monster, a bone dragon, and 2 rock men that guard the inside of the castle! There are 4 different areas to explore! Volcanoes Island, Sky Island, The Tundra, and The Plains! There are great graphics and the creator is called Gluten Free Games! I rate it 4 star’s and I hope you like this game, too! #UltimateDragonSimulator #bossbattles #explore   




LPS Art-Fashionable Friday

One of my favorite toys when I was younger (and still today) were Littlest Pet Shops, also known as LPS. I have about… 50. But anywho… I wasn’t here to talk about me playing… I was here to talk about LPS Art! There are different LPS Art but my FAVORITE is when they put clay on them to make it look like they have clothes or hair! They look very beautiful and it looks like they were from a rich person or somethin! #LPSlover #LPSArt #fashionista.  


Grump Cat-Wacky Wednesday 

Do you know Grumpy Cat? Well if you don’t… You’ve missed out! Grumpy Cat is a cat with a natural “Grumpy” face. There are many pictures and memes about him… So he’s pretty popular. He hates everything… And did you know that HE is actually a SHE?! It’s true! I’ve heard it on tv! And her real name is Tarder Sauce! She was born April 4, 2012 and she is a Snowshoe Siamese. #GrumpyCat #ihateeverything #meow…